Theory of Change

Stray Dog Institute supports NGOs working to create systemic change in the US food system and beyond.

We believe that NGOs (non-governmental organizations), as independent mission-driven groups within civil society, are uniquely positioned to help establish a new normal for the US food system. NGOs have existing networks and deep expertise for mobilizing bottom-up consumer power, driving top-down policy change, and working laterally to shift food industry practices. By using our perspective on the food system to strategically support the work of specific NGOs targeting strategic leverage points, we can maximize our ability to create systemic change as large as the problems we aim to solve.  

We focus our support toward supply-side interventions that can fundamentally reshape the basic structures and methods of US food production. However, we also recognize that no problem within today’s food system exists in a vacuum. Solving problems and achieving systemic transformation will require acting in solidarity with many allies across disciplinary divides and differences of approach. By fundamentally changing how food is produced, we can enable a future where all consumer decisions—regardless of personal values or income level—contribute to better outcomes for animals, people and the environment. 

About the Author

To cultivate dignity, justice, and sustainability in the food system, Stray Dog Institute provides nonprofit allies with funding, strategic research, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, we hope to build a more compassionate world for people, animals, and the environment.

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